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News Title Meeting of the FDs and CWLWs of the Northern Region

 Regional level meeting for Feild Directors and Chief Wildlife Wardens of Tiger Range states of Nothern Region was held at NTCA HQrs under the Chaimainship of ADG (PT) & MS ( NTCA) on 4th May, 2018 in which Field Directors and CWLWs from the States of Uttrakhand, UP , Rajasthan and WII officials  participated.

The main agenda that was reviewed are; 

1. Status and pogress of online APOs submission by the Tiger Reserves for financial year 2018-19

2. Progress of the activities being under taken for All India Tiger Estimation, 2018.

3. Update on use of M-STrIPES Patrolling App and Ecological App

4. Pending tiger mortality cases 

5. Pending proposals of Tiger Conservation Plan (TCP)

6. Pending proposals of Eco-Sensitive Zone around Tiger Reserves

7. Activities of WCCB with regard to prevention  of Tiger related crimes. 



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